More about the company

The company Erik Svenonius Mynthandel was founded in june 2005.

Now running its 7th year.
Mainly business is trading swedish and foreign coins and
banknotes and metals. Also currencies , medals, stamps,
christmasplates, postcards,
stocks, pins, glas and porcelain.
Founder and initiativetaker to this business is
Erik Svenonius who is sole owner of the company.
The company has business in boutiqe at Nobelvägen 107, Malmö, Sweden.
Opening hours is monday-friday 10 AM- 5 PM,   lunch 1pm-2-15pm. I reserve for changes in openinghours,
somedays boutique can be closed or to be closed earlier
than common openinghours.
Company homepage adress is
The company is trading with tablestand also at 3 large
coin and banknote shows annualy, Frimynt
Helsingborg april and numismata Berlin october, Copenhagen november.
The company normally also do international travelling. Visiting some
large international shows annualy.  Money Fair Berlin

Company will keep on working on
main strategy focusing mainly trading swedish and foreign
both coins and banknotes and metals.

You may visit boutique at Nobelvägen 107, Malmö.

Malmö September 2012 Erik Svenonius